God, COVID-19, and Natural Woe

In early April 2020, Jonah Goldberg observed in The Dispatch that one thing we were not hearing much of in this time of COVID-19 is any discussion of theodicy, that is, the justification of the existence, power, and goodness of God in the face of evil.  It is an astute observation; in other times, there … Continue reading God, COVID-19, and Natural Woe

Truth, Post-Truth, and Truthiness

One of the many negative things to come out of the 2016 presidential election campaign was a brazen indifference to truth by both the two major candidates.  Hillary Clinton, and even more so, Donald Trump, would state outright falsehoods and repeat them ad nauseum, even after fact-checking had demonstrated the statements to be false.  Such … Continue reading Truth, Post-Truth, and Truthiness